It is a year of Mapplethorpe, as well as a year of Raf. Twin retrospectives of Mapplethorpe’s work are on view, following major Mapplethorpe Foundation gifts, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, one of Mr. Simons’s favorite cities; and a new documentary, “Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures,” aired on HBO earlier this year.

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Another crowd favorite was Jeff Bridges, who was name checked throughout the night in speeches by Meyers ( [being] 20 wanna be Jeff and Edelman. Like Lonergan and Jenkins, he delivered a political speech with and various Dude like inflections accepting his award for best supporting actor for Hell or High Water. And his Hell collaborators, but ended his speech by praising the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters at Standing Rock.

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Solid hardwood flooring is exactly what its name implies. It is solid hardwood flooring. The floor panels are made up of milled hardwood that fit together to form your floor. And I have no guarantees that my sons will always know me. This is also a letter to them. Maybe a bad one, but I was here.I understand the ‘coming out’ paradigm better.

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