From the very beginning, Joss Whedon planned to reveal that one of the main characters was gay. However, until Season 4 he had not decided as to whether this would be Willow or Xander, and subtle clues (extremely subtle) were placed for both characters in case his plans were able to see light. Ultimately, he decided to pick Willow instead of Xander. This leads into another WCHB if Oz hadn’t been written out of the show, would Willow and Tara have been written as lovers (before or after Oz’s death led to the Dark Willow arc), or would they have been straight and Xander turned out gay/bi? Some combination of the aforementioned? Who can say for certain?

Celine Outlet And they made sure to rip off everything, from the design of the security office to the fact that the animatronics want you dead. Sheathe Your Sword: Dante tells the animatronics multiple times that they can just leave him alone and everyone can leave the pizzeria unharmed. It doesn’t work. Shout Out: The original: Though none are mentioned by name, Dante makes explicit references to Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellboy, and Jeff the Killer, including the fact that he has met the first two in the past. Celine Outlet

Cheap Celine Bags Put any of these quirks together, and you get Antiquated Linguistics: the Theme Park Version of language from the Georgian and Victorian Eras. Works set between about 1700 and 1930 are particularly susceptible to this trope, but it’s by no means limited to them; some creators dip into Antiquated Linguistics for comic effect or simply to mark a particular character’s speech pattern as old fashioned. Expect a Dastardly Whiplash type to speak in this manner. Affecting this kind of English can often serve as a Translation Convention. “gadzookery”), Flowery Elizabethan English (ornate language smelling vaguely of Shakespeare and/or the King James Bible), and Talk Like a Pirate (arrrr). Compare and contrast Buffy Speak and Spock Speak. And, for those who can’t get enough of Antiquated Linguistics, this page is also available in a self demonstrating version. Cheap Celine Bags

Celine Bags Outlet Punchy Love: Vicky’s personality. Refusal of the Call: When asked by Robby to join him in hunting down the Dial’s current, serial killer user, Jerry’s initial reaction is to blow him off. That is, until Robby shows him he still has powers and that he’s still a part of this. “Are you going to be a guy with superpowers, or are you going to be a hero?” Recycled IN SPACE!: With Ben 10. Ben 10 would be more like a classical example of X Meets Y: Dial H for Hero meets Men in Black Self Duplication: The Centipede has this as his superpower, after a failed time travel experiment made it possible for multiple slightly different quantum possibilities of him to simultaneously exist. Celine Bags Outlet

Celine Replica handbags Holding the Floor: The “Blather” skill is primarily used for this, by a character who engages NPCs and holds their attention for an indeterminate amount of time by talking on and on. Having high ability with this skill enables such a character to guess effectively at what would get their attention and be able to go on about convincingly without tripping over their own words. The form this blathering takes will vary, from the Scum grifter hawking non existent wares, to an Arbiter rattling off a list of convincing infractions someone has committed, to a Cleric going on quoting scripture and how it applies now. Celine Replica handbags

Celine Bags Replica These tanks act as seven more dangerous vesions of flashlight guards, and the tanks under Contessa’s command have electric shock fields that makes them impossible for Sly and company to destroy through conventional means. Later, Murray gets to operate a stolen tank, and uses them to destroy other tanks to provoke a Replica Celine Bags conflict between Neyla and Contessa. He also uses it to chase down Carmelita in order to prevent her from escaping with Bentley and one of the Clockwerk Eyes. Celine Bags Replica

Celine Replica Bags The Cameo: Shaquille O’Neal cameo’d in the pre show film as a basketball player utilizing performance enhancing contact lenses; though the recent 2015 updates removed this scene. Canon Discontinuity: T2 3D was initially said to be canonical by The Word of Godinvoked. However, it was later retconned from the series by T3. However, fans and Cameron prefer this over T3 and later installments. Canon Foreigner: The attraction depicts two Terminator models that had not been previously featured in the series, the machine gun toting T 70, and the massive T 1000000 Celine Replica Bags.