Beneath the Earth: Mudpot, the underground village. Bittersweet Ending: After the final showdown with General Gaius, Dust accepts that his time of living has reached its climax, allowing himself to be swallowed by volcanic magma and die. A Tear Jerker moment ensued for Fidget and Ginger. However, Dust’s spirit remains, drifting though the winds with Ahrah. Bleak Level: The Sorrowing Meadows. The Blade of Ahrah explains they were not always the way they are now, but they have been corrupted.

Celine Replica handbags Informed Attractiveness: We are repeatedly told in the book that Dr. Sinskey, who’s over 60, is very beautiful. Lecture as Exposition: In the true Langdon fashion, he uses his Photographic Memory to recall his own lectures on Dante in search for clues about the Shade’s riddle. Linked List Clue Methodology: For once in a Dan Brown novel, this is fully justified: Zobrist never intended to give Sinskey, his perceived Arch Nemesis, any chance of stopping his plan by solving his riddles in time only wanted to have a last laugh at her attempt, even if he doesn’t get to see it. Celine Replica handbags

Celine Replica Lie Detector: Don Harvey is subject to questioning by Venus Republic soldiers while hooked up to a lie detector after first waiving his rights about self incrimination. He is cleared since he hadn’t done anything wrong. Hidden in Plain Sight: Played with; when Don receives the ring which is just a cheap trinket, he assumes the real message is written in Invisible Writing on the wrapping paper. Unfortunately the ISI assume the same and confiscate it. Turns out the message is in the ring after all. Celine Replica

Celine Bags Outlet In Azumanga Daioh, Tomo believed reindeer didn’t exist. Meanwhile, outside the countries they live in, “real” reindeer are not commonly featured in non Christmas media, or in zoos, etc. When they are, they tend to be called by their other name: caribou (To be exact; North American and Eurasian reindeer are the same species, but North American reindeer are called caribou (from Mi’kmaq qalipu through French) a lot of the time, and Eurasian reindeer are always called reindeer). From this, many Santa believing children assume that “reindeer” means a magical deer that can fly, so belief in them eventually goes out the Replica Celine Bags same window as belief in Santa. (Flying caribou, we regret to say, almost certainly are fantasy.) It also doesn’t help that until fairly recently, Santa’s “reindeer” were depicted as flying roe deer or white tailed deer, rather than caribou. Kagura then asks if reindeer are real, and Tomo proceeds to laugh at her and say they don’t exist. Celine Bags Outlet

Celine Cheap Revised Ending: The ending is tightened up a bit by the removal of the Air Force Major, and thus his entire mini arc, from the end of the book. His Heroic Sacrifice instead goes to Tiger Cole, calling in an airstrike on himself because the NVA are using him as bait. A lot more of the supporting characters are otherwise directly involved, however, with Grafton saving Dookie Camparelli rather than Tiger Cole. Rogue Agent: Grafton and Tiger Cole decide to do a two man raid in downtown Hanoi. In the book, the target was the Communist Party Headquarters, in the movie, it was a stockpile of anti aircraft missiles Serious Business: “The Phantom Shitter”, which turns out to be a Chekhov’s Gunman Shoo Out the Clowns: The movie becomes rather more serious after The Boxman dies. Shown Their Work: Which is appropriate, as Stephen Coonts was an Intruder pilot during the Vietnam War. Of note, the use of the High Speed Missile Dodge, or rather, the unsuccessful use of it. One plane suffers a “near hit” from a missile, which detonates without quite hitting the plane. This is shown to be quite effective, as in Real Life, many anti aircraft weapons are designed to detonate close to their target, peppering them with a very large volume of shrapnel. Sniping the Cockpit: How Morg dies, due to a guy on the ground firing a single shot blindly into the night sky. Soundtrack Dissonance: Downtown, being sung by Grafton and Cole as SAM City is blown to pieces. Trapped Behind Enemy Lines The climax of the movie. War Is Hell: Even for the flyboys. Wild Weasel: One mission flown in the movie has them in a variant of the Intruder designed for “Iron Hand” missions (“Wild Weasel” being Air Force terminology), hunting down enemy Anti Air radar sites. A key weapon in this mission is the AGM 45 Shrike antiradiation missile, which can follow the enemy’s radar signal to the target. The climactic battle at the end of the film has the Intruders flying a daylight mission to suppress enemy air defenses and clear a safe path for the Air Force bombers. Would Not Shoot a Civilian: Not on purpose, anyhow. Although the one plane air raid Grafton and Cole went on went dangerously close to averting this Celine Cheap.