Magical Realism The Matchmaker: Mashiro tries to help Shinbashi so he can befriend his crush Kureha, but it doesn’t work. Later, Shinbashi helps both Mashiro and Kureha with their relationship Meaningful Name: Setona Mizushiro often uses kanji for colours in many of the characters’ family names as subtle hints to their personalities and identities. Megane: Shinbashi. Mind Screw: The ending. The main setting of the story is a sort of symbolism towards what is happening in the real world namely, everyone dies in a hospital fire, except for Mashiro, who is born as a female.

Celine Cheap Still happier than the original, amazingly enough. Cessation of Existence: This was thought to be the case in canon for angels and demons. In this fic, however, they become Specters after death. Cluster F Bomb: Azurai, shockingly, does this a lot less often than you’d think. Cosmic Horror Story: We have mortals fighting eldritch abominations only to eventually fall to despair, go insane, and become abominations themselves. Cure Your Gays: Part of the Boot Camp Episode mentioned above. Azurai is forced to watch the most “attractive” boys in the camp undress in front of him while drinking ipecac. Celine Cheap

Celine Replica Bags The Witch of Episode 1 is the first Witch Haruto encounters in the game. She would have gone on to assist Haruto with her powers under control. Mari still runs the Succupus, though only Kanzaki visits. The song that plays on the Wizard of Oz audiobook in episode 7 is the game’s title theme, “Madoromi”. The Witch of Sound’s house has a colorful, checkered picture resembling the game’s title screen. Named by the Adaptation: Before this series, Haruto was given the rather nondescript title of “Protagonist”. Celine Replica Bags

replica celine handbags Animal Eyes, Hellish Pupils, Supernatural Gold Eyes: All apply to Bowie in the latter half of the “Little Wonder” video Continuity Nod: The “Little Wonder” video incorporates a Ziggy Stardust lookalike into its action, while in a more subtle example the young fellow in the Union Jack coat looks suspiciously like Bowie did when he first started recording in the mid 1960s. Costume Porn: The Alexander McQueen designed frock coats hail from this era. Eagleland: “I’m Afraid of Americans” is Type 2 Epic Rocking: “Dead Man Walking”, “Little Wonder”, “Seven Years In Tibet”. Eyepatch of Power: Bowie at the start of the “Little Wonder” video Face on the Cover: A notable subversion Bowie is present on the cover, but is standing with his back to the camera. Iconic Outfit: The Union Jack coat on the cover could be considered the costume most commonly associated with 90s era Bowie. Lighter and Softer: Is this compared to Outside but not by much. List Song: “Looking for Satellites” starts off like this. Celine Replica Madness Mantra: “God is an American, God is an American, God is an American.” Major Injury Underreaction: Well in this case, Major Dying Underreaction. From “Law (Earthlings on Fire)”In a house a man drops dead replica celine handbags

Cheap Celine Bags Friend to All Living Things: Animals start flocking to him, although he himself hates them (at first). Gaia’s Vengeance: God’s plan looks like this at times. He seems to think the valley Evan lives in looked better before it was filled with houses, and then there’s the No Endor Holocaust ending. It’s ultimately a subversion, as it turns out The flood was caused by corrupt humans cutting corners on the construction of a dam, not by God or nature. Gonna Need More X: Evan gives a Jaws Shout Out when the dam bursts. Cheap Celine Bags

Celine Replica handbags Big Fun: Provided by The Big Guys. Cloudcuckoolander’s Minder: Nzinga to Tommy (though even she had her own Cloudcuckoolander moments, considering the nature of the show) Continuity Cameo: The intro provides many CN/HB/WB cameos, and the company that made the intro, Primal Screen, had also made various one shot promos before this. There are a few references to these in the intro Fred, Chicken and Thundarr finally found a parking spot, Scrappy Doo’s still waiting outside, and at the security desk in the lobby, Yogi Bear is still trying to explain why he doesn’t have an ID badge (they even used the same lobby for the promo and the intro) Celine Replica handbags.