The city of Salem is seeking proposals for site responsive public art installations, which will be on view at three downtown locations during the summer/fall of 2017. Artists and designers working in any media, including light, sound, or multimedia, are encouraged to submit proposals. The city is particularly interested in installations that have an impact when viewed across the site and are effective during the day and night.

4k led display Bulbs are planted to a depth of 8 inches for large bulbs and 5 inches for small bulbs, pointy side up. Cover lightly with soil, and water once. Fall rains and melting winter snow will do the rest of the watering work for you. Ballasts transfer electricity, which in the case of low voltage fixtures first passes through a transformer. This unit reduces the voltage to less than thirty volts for shockproof operation. Lamps are installed according to the fixture design.. 4k led display

outdoor led display The legendary five star Kulm Hotel St Moritz, Switzerland, is preparing to open its super indulgent new spa, renovated at a cost of 8m. To celebrate, they’ve put together a special package: spend two nights’ half board from CHF810.00 (around 540) per person, and you’ll receive three complimentary treatments at the new spa, a special additional gift, and unlimited spa access. The price also includes transfers to and from the train station. outdoor led display

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led display Hanbok is the name of the traditional Korean garments worn during premodern times, before the large scale adaptation of Western clothing at the end of the 19th century. The traditional attire is characterized by the use of silk and cotton as well as relaxed silhouettes involving draping and layering that allowed for the freedom of mobility. More than a simple expression of personal taste, hanbok was worn in variations to indicate differences in class, age, gender and occasion.. led display

led billboard Recipe, the evidence will show, was word for word a recipe published by al Qaida (in one of their magazines). Agents also found a bag with some of the items necessary to make a bomb, allegedly purchased from a dollar store. Officers returned a few days later with an explosives expert and found other ingredients Christmas lights and sandpaper as well as a list allegedly written by Djermane.. led billboard

Mini Led Display So today, the museum is filled with unique motorcycles from every era, including the shaft driven XA, which was built for use in North Africa during the Second World War, and prototypes such as the Nova, which was designed led screen with an OHC V 4 motor, but never made it into production.There are also bikes that owners customized to their own tastes, a pastime still popular with riders today.Besides these, there are bikes that were built for work, such as police models, the three wheeled Servi Car developed for automotive repair shops (it was towed behind a car being returned to its owner, after which the employee would ride it back to the garage) and ones designed for mailmen.Also on display is the Fat Boy ridden by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1991′s Terminator 2, as well as a costume he wore in the movie.There are bikes modified for competitive hill climbing, and wooden board track racers.Many bikes have their own stories to tell, such as the 1936 EL Factory Streamline that H D racing team member Joe Petrali rode in 1937 when he broke the land speed record at 136.183 mph (219.165 km/h).The Experience Gallery showcases bikes both modern and antique. Visitors can explore these up close and even sit on them.And then there’s the tsunami bike.Peter Mark was riding an ATV on Graham Island when he came across the shipping container and reported it. By the time someone came to investigate, the container had made its way back out to sea, but not before leaving its contents on land.Still bearing its Japanese licence plate, Harley Davidson was able to track down its owner, Ikuo Yokoyama, who survived the tsunami Mini Led Display.