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replica hermes handbags In Laurie Simmons’s first feature length film, My Art, which premiered at September’s Venice Film Festival, she stars as a sixtysomething video artist, Ellie, whose work involves remaking iconic Hollywood movie scenes. Ellie’s open ended curiosity, and her art’s focus on the lines between artifice and reality as well as the roles women play, reflect many of Simmons’s own sensibilities: She has trained her lens on everything from dollhouses and cowboy figurines to sex dolls staged in poignantly domestic scenes. “Laurie’s always reinventing herself, but she never falters in her message, which has to do with gender, isolation, and progress,” says Claudia Gould, director of the Jewish Museum, where in 2015 Simmons showed a series of photos featuring women who appear almost bewitched a closer look reveals their eyelids are closed and painted over with homepage “eyes.” Simmons’s work is now represented by the gallery Salon 94 and resides in the collections of the Met and MoMA, but she didn’t really start selling until her late thirties. My Art draws upon her lean early years (and some later ones), along with her experience playing artist mother to real life daughter Lena Dunham in Dunham’s 2010 breakout film, Tiny Furniture. Simmons’s own movie offers a layered meditation on finding satisfaction in the face of unfulfilled ambition. “This was why it was important that Ellie’s life not seem pathetic,” she says. “If I could tell my younger self one thing, it would be this: ‘You may be disappointed at 66, but it will be okay. You’ll be better able to deal with it.’” replica hermes handbags.