Emamian; Alyssa M. Espinales; Emily Elizabeth Fasnacht; Chelsea Fitzgerald; Ryan Benson Flores; Matthew John Foster; Sara Jean Foster; Jeff Martin Fuller; Jose Luis Gabaldon; Andrea Garcia; Glen Adam Garcia; Rickey Lee Garrett; Levi James Garrison; Evan Blake Gatewood; Faris Bin A Ghani; Stephanie D. Gierhart; Angela Nicole Gile; Myka Noel Gilliam; Daniel B.

This seminar intrigued me in my vast disgruntlement at the very fundamental levels of what futurism is. While I have to admit I was initially intrigued by the act of bringing art into the movement and performing with such passion and revolutionary spirit, I was immediately turned off by the Manifesto 1909 proclamationsto moralism, feminism, every opportunistic or utilitarian cowardice. While this clause in its entirety infuriates me, I want to focus on Futurist distaste with feminism.

We’re good buddies. [But in] the play people treat each other so nastily.”A virtual stranger to musical productions, the Pear Avenue Theatre’s summer world premiere Deuce (like the tennis score, a situational limbo) will feature a prominent musical score composed specifically for the play by Don Tieck. “It is fascinating to work with a musician who hears what is going on in the script,” says director Ann Kuchins (who is working with both Tieck and playwright Sharmon Hilfinger).Deuce (June 23 July 15) is a relationship story as much as a mystery, and according to Hilfinger it’s her “first psychological drama.” With a dash of creativity, she kept the cast small and the inter relationships tight.

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